Who Are Clingz

Clingz is a family run business founded in 2020 with a goal of developing performance socks for athletes of all ages. We have 2 young children ourselves who love football and boxing. Our youngest plays up to 5 times a week and our eldest is a massive boxing fan, training twice a week. After searching high and low for a sock to protect their feet and give them the competitive advantage we couldn't.. and Clingz was born.

The doctrine of marginal gains states that in any area of a given sport – no matter how small or apparently insignificant – you should look to make all possible improvements. Clingz was founded on this belief.

Football With Clingz

As boots have moved towards being more lightweight, materials used have significantly changed whilst the demands on our feet have increased with more playing time and harder training sessions. As such, insoles have become more frictionless meaning that traditional football socks no longer make the grade! Feet move more inside the boot, especially as they become sweaty causing blisters, sore feet and can lead to injury. Clingz are designed specifically to combat this problem by increasing friction between the foot and the insole allowing you to generate greater speed and improve agility, whilst making you feel more secure in your footwear. Clingz also provide additional support thanks to our padded heel, crucial for those that play regular sports on hard ground such as 3G/4G pitches reducing the risk of pain and discomfort.

Our socks are designed for those who are driven to succeed, who work hard for their results and want to stay ahead of the competition.

We are proud to help young athletes achieve their potential

Boxing With Clingz

It's crucial that fighters feel a connection with their boxing boots. Boxing involves frequent and significant changes of direction. Gaining a 1% improvement in your footwork could mean the difference between landing a punch or taking a punch. That's where Clingz Grip Socks come in, our Clingz Grip Technology located across the sole of our socks will ensure our fighters feel 100% confident when moving around the ring, allowing them to pivot, slip and manoeuvre their way to victory.