Who Are Clingz

Founded in 2020 our goal was to create a performance sports sock that would offer athletes of all ages and across various sports with a product that would help improve their overall performance and provide crucial protection again soft tissue injuries, whilst promoting circulation and blood flow. With our range of Clingz Grip Socks, we have developed just that.

The doctrine of marginal gains states that in any area of a given sport – no matter how small or apparently insignificant – you should look to make all possible improvements. Clingz was founded on this belief.

No matter at what level you compete at within your chosen sport, Clingz provides performance socks that are affordable, durable and comfortable. 

Our socks are tried, tested and trusted by elite athletes globally. We have spent 2 years testing and developing our product with world champions, professional footballers, academy youngsters and grassroots players.

A sock developed with the elite, for everyone who wants to compete. 

Want to find out more, contact us on support@clingz.co.uk